Senior Computer Class: Windows 10 Topics - Day 2

Thursday 10/21/2021
Joe Bentley

From Tuesday's class

Windows Key - E    opens File Explorer

Ctrl -A    Select all
Ctrl-C    Copy
Ctrl-V    Paste
Ctrl-X    Cut

Click into a window to give it focus

Use a right-mouse click to get context-sensitve help in File Explorer

File Management

What is a file?

file type
file size


copy files

copy folders

move files

move folders

move files to/from a flash drive

rename files, folders

delete files

delete folders

sort files

create a folder

back up files


You, too, can be nerd!




kilobyte ~1 thousand bytes, KB (actually 1024 bytes0

megabyte ~ 1 million bytes, MB, aka meg

gigabyte ~ 1 billion bytes, GB, aka gig

terabyte ~ 1 quadrillion bytes, TB

click, left-mouse click

right-mouse click

double-mouse click

folder, directory


disk drive


C drive


flash drive, thumb drive, USB drive


backup (noun or verb)


  1. Create a folder on your C-drive, called temp.

  2. Copy all of the files and folders from the flash drive into your new temp folder.

  3. In the temp folder, open the src folder inside the worm folder.  How many files are in this folder? ____

  4. Open the computermaintenance folder in the temp directory.  Sort the files by file type.  How many docx files are there?  ___  Open (double-mouse click) the file, homer.jpg.  What is it?

  5. Change the name of the cc_run.html file in the computermaintenance folder to cc_walk.html.

  6. Change the name of the computermaintenance folder to maintenance.

  7. Move the worm folder inside the Resources folder.

  8. Look in the spelling folder in the Resources directory in the temp folder.  Erase the one non-wav file in that folder.

  9. Erase all of the files in the sight_words folder.  That folder is found in the spelling folder.

  10. Remove the empty sight_words folder for the spelling folder.

  11. Remove the bubble_pop folder from the Resources directory

  12. Look in the Valley of Fire folder inside the 2021 April-May Vacation folder.  What is the size of the largest file in that folder? ____  How many Big Horn Sheep are visible in the IMG_2262.JPG file?  ____

  13. What is the name of the oldest file in the temp folder? _____________

  14. What is the name of the largest file in the temp folder?  ____________

  15. How many spreadsheet files are in the spreadsheet folder (hint: the file type is xlsx) _____

  16. Erase all of the files (and folder) in the temp directory.

  17. Create a new folder on the C-drive, called seniorcomputer.

  18. Create a folder inside the seniorcomputer folder, called Windows10Topics.

  19. From the flash drive, copy the 4 files, Windows10Topics* into the new Windows10Topics folder.

  20. Remove your flash drive & return it to the instructor.  Celebrate, you're doing well with file management.